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Jumpshot just not going in the basket. Maybe you need to work on your form. On this page you will be introduced to the form that gets taught to the pros. When you incorporate these techniques into your shot you will be able to improve your shot instantly with 30 minutes of practice everyday.

  • Get in shooting position by spreading your legs shoulder width. Put the leg that matches your shooting arm in front of the other by about 6 or 7 inches.
  • Slightly tilt your back towards the basket. When you jump make sure to go straight up and to keep your balance when you come the ground 
  • Start your shot with the ball in your hands about at chest level. Move the ball up around the center of your chest with the ball having a slight edge on your shooting side. Your shooting arm elbow should be nearly facing the ground going out a little. 
  • When gripping the ball have only the fingertips of your shooting hand touch the ball. Put your non-shooting arm directly to the side of the ball.
  • Release your non-shooting arm on the side right above your head. Fingers should be facing outward. If they are not then the shot's trajectory could be thrown off.
  • Aim the ball directly towards the basket with your index finger. This is the last finger that the ball touches before it is in the air. That means that the ball will go in the direction that the index finger is pointed in. A good tactic to use would be to aim this finger towards the net clamp that is straight towards the basket from where you are standing. After the ball is released stick the index finger in front of the rest. 
  • Follow through the shot by holding the form in place until the basketball has hit the rim.
  • Practice your form again and again. When one part of your shot is not right focus on it until it is. Make sure to continue to critique your entire jumpshot's form as well  reviewing the techniques that you read on this page time and time again.